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The Facebook event is: https://www.facebook.com/events/438145036286173/

Fling: A brief period of indulging one's impulses

Feburary 1st, 2014, 7pm

The mood is turn-of-the-century. The style is extravagant and sexy.

Spend the night with us at The Silver Queen, a fabulous grand hotel
in Virginia City, Nevada, a town stuck in the 1870s.

We have use of all 28 well-appointed gorgeous rooms, plus the Saloon and Wedding Chapel.
The Feast will begin in the Saloon with a variety of lovely entertainments and toasting.

Ticket information above. Email dutchy@dukedutchy.com to reserve your ticket(s).

Come early and explore the town. Take the train ride. Then spend the entire night
bathed in Fashion and Folly while you Feast and Flirt during the all night Fling.
Lust, laugh, dance and philander until the morning's light while being serenaded
in beauty and having all of your senses fulfilled. Amazing live performances
that will make your hair follicles stand on end in delight while you revel
in the delicious camaraderie of the well-esteemed -- albeit scandalously clad --
patrons of this fling of flings.

This is a sexy party (not a sex party!) so come be sexy and free in polite, dressed-up company, play dress-up, gorge, gamble, flirt, philander, dance, and sing -- all to your hearts' content, all in the polite company of Sirs and Madams of equal desires, passions, and aspirations, all beautiful, all naughty, all nice, all NIGHT!

Your honorable presence is thus and therefore much anticipated.

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Virginia City is an old prospecting town and is where the "Comstock Motherload" was found. The Comstock Motherload is the largest silver deposit ever found. There are still active gold mines there. You can take a tour of some of the old mines, ride the train for a tour on the area or jump on a stage couch for a ride. There are tons of amazing costume shops where you can buy amazing costumes and there is even a costume rental shop where you can rent authentic old time western where. I really encourage you to come up on Friday and leave on Monday if you can. You will be blown away!

Folly Feast #5
7pm Sat, Feb 1-Sun Feb 2

18 and over
$100-$150 to cover costs
http://FollyFeast.com for tickets and details

The Fifth Folly Feast is a annual Feast and Costume Ball--though this may be the last one! It will be held at the historic Silver Queen on Saturday, February 1, 2014. The Silver Queen has 28 rooms, a saloon, a parlor and a wedding chapel; and each room will be it's own little event (Folly), so there are 31 worlds to explore at any given time, all the night long. The mood is turn-of-the-century and the style is extravagant, polite and sexy. The Folly Feast is a playful, flirtatious and civilized gathering with fantastic entertainment and fun-loving creative people.

The Folly Feast starts in the Saloon of the Silver Queen as a shared Feast. The entertainment includes Rube Waddell, Mark Growden, Carletta Sue Kay, Sparkbox, Burlesque, The Wink & Yoni show, Freddie Price, Short-Term weddings by Dr. Hal, Karaoke, Musical Sing-Along, as well as 28 interactive rooms hosted by inspired guests. If you have a great idea and want to host a room please email me when buying your tickets. We want to encourage your creative expression and ideas.

There will be a bus leaving from Chez Poulet in the Mission to the Folly Feast, so people from San Francisco can get on the bus Friday night and be returned Sunday night. The bus fare is included in the ticket price to encourage car pooling, so get on the bus and take advantage of a great deal!

The event starts 7pm Saturday, February 1, 2014 and goes all night. We will have the entire hotel Sunday night as well, so feel free to bring a festive nightgown, fantastic robes or extravagant lingerie for a slumber party! Guests are welcome to come on Friday and leave Monday. There are 300 guests and 28 rooms. Bring your own sleeping bag if you plan to stay the night. For those who would like to reserve a private room, we have some great reserved rooms in nearby hotels with a checkout time of 5pm Sunday. These private rooms cost extra, so contact us for details and make a full getaway weekend of it!

The Folly Feast including the Feast, entertainment and slumber party is $150. There are a limited number of $100 tickets available. Please see http://FollyFeast.com for details. This is a labor of love and the financial goal is just to cover costs. Get a group of friends together and join us!