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The Facebook event is: https://www.facebook.com/events/438145036286173/

Virginia City FFFFF 5 Promotional from Sean Strauss on Vimeo.

Folly Feast #5
7pm Sat, Feb 1-Sun Feb 2
Silver Queen, Virginia City, NV

18 and over
$100-$150 to cover costs

From the folks that bring you The Hammock Hangout on the Playa, here is a crazy all night party that will be held at the Silver Queen in Virginia City, Nevada, on February 1, 2014. This is a very elaborate and extravagant all night party with thirty one worlds to explore.

What is the Folly Feast?

The Folly Feast can be an all night affair or a three day escape from reality, depending on how you want to take advantage of it. It starts out as a journey to the magical historic town of Virginia City, then develops into a giant feast and costume ball, turns into 31 individual parties, then becomes a slumber party and finishes with the journey home. The tickets include everything from the bus trip, the feast, the parties, even the stay.

For as little as $100 there is a lot going on at this party! You will get a full three days of some of the craziest fun you have ever experienced without getting dusty. You would probably spend more if you stayed in the city that weekend and this event includes it all, even food and some booze. You can even BYOB. If you are in San Francisco, you can get on the Applause Bus on Friday night, Chicken John will drive. You will arrive at the Silver Queen and there will be rooms ready for you. There may not be a bed for everyone, so you may need to share, but there will be plenty of room.

We will have the entire hotel Sunday night as well, so feel free to bring a festive nightgown, fantastic robes or extravagant lingerie for a slumber party! If you are driving you are welcome to come on Friday and leave Monday. There are 300 guests and 28 rooms, so bring your own sleeping bag if you plan to stay the night. For those who would like to reserve a private room, we have some great reserved rooms in nearby hotels with a checkout time of 5pm Sunday. These private rooms cost extra, so contact us for details and make a full getaway weekend of it!

The town of Virginia City is a spectacularly beautiful historic little town. The views are breathtaking, the architecture is 1870s fabulous, the little shops and bars are amazing; there is even a planked sidewalk. There are hobby gunslingers, a man that has been walking his mule for years, long bearded cowboys, hat makers and on and on... and none of in is fake. These people are for real! They are living it and you get to be a part of it for a weekend.

Then There is the Folly Feast! It is an all night costume ball that starts out as a feast! Yes...dinner is included in that $100! And the food is crazy good. Turkey legs, tri-tip, roasted vegetables, macaroni and cheese, salad, 3 kinds of bread pudding and I forgot what else...It is all made fresh and it is fabulous. If there are special food needs we can make it happen. Let us know.

During the Feast there is entertainment. Tons of it! There are burlesque acts, there is the Wink & Yoni show, Rube Waddell will play, The Mark Growden Quartet will play, Freddi Price is bringing his guitar; your mind will be blown by how amazing the entertainment is.

After the Feast begins the Folly starts. The Folly is all the little things that go on during the party. There are short-term weddings where you can get married to all of your friends or someone you have never met before. Its OK, it will automatically annul in just a few hours. You're good! Five years from now you will be able to say "we were married once" and it will be fun then too! I promise!

It goes even further. There is a TON of Folly to be had at the Folly Feast. Each one of the 28 hotel rooms is its own little party. One of the rooms will feature these two amazing women who call themselves SPARKBOX. They are amazing. They have both played the Great American Music Hall with their perspective bands and you will be able to see them in a tiny hotel room. It will be beautiful.

Then there is Carletta Sue Kay. There is not nearly enough room here to describe Carletta Sue Kay. Let's just say you will laugh, you will cry and you will be covered in goosebumps. Carletta Sue Kay also sells out the Great American Music Hall (GAMH).

Then Mark Growden will be walking through the halls and in various rooms playing his accordion. Mark Growden has sold out the GAMH many times. He is amazing! He sells out on nation wide tours.

And Rube Waddell will be playing! They are incredible! You will dance your asses off! They are one of my all time favorite bands to see play live and they don't play that often any more. They are fantastic! You will want to get their albums!

Here are some videos of a few of the various performers.

The Saloon will also be open all night. There will be hot women and men down there. You will be able to dance and flirt. You may even wind up marrying one or two or five of them if you are smooth enough or maybe if they are drunk enough. But again, no harm. It will be annulled before they can even remember and your piece of paper won't mean anything accept that it will put a smile on your face for years to come and you will have made a new friend. It's great. I am still friends with the five women I married at Chicken's Lost Vegas in 1998! It is a fun thing to do and Dr. Hal is amazing. He will blow your mind.

And there are 28 hotel rooms...I just described 3 or 4 of them...and there are 28! Then there is the Saloon, the Wedding Chapel and a Parlor. I could go on for pages!

Then, if you are on the bus you will be back in San Francisco Sunday night. No one at work will even have to know you were gone...you may have to explain the grin on your face, but I'm sure you can handle that. And all you spent was $100. Please...what else do I need to do? Come to my party already! All the info is on the website: http://FollyFeast.com (it currently forwards to DukeDutchy.com, but I'm not going to fix that until after the party.) You can also invite people via the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/438145036286173/

What you get

Applause Bus:
The Applause Bus is leaving from San Francisco on Friday night and returns Sunday. The bus is an adventure of its own so get on it!
If you drive, I prefer Hwy 88 or 50 rather that 80. SF --> VC 230 miles
Up to 3 Nights of lodging & Fun:
The Feast devolves into a slumber party and we have the Silver Queen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Stay 1, 2, or 3 nights. It's all included in the price... jfeel free to bring a festive nightgown, fantastic robes or extravagant lingerie and a sleeping bag for a slumber party!.
Alturnately, you can get a room at the Tahoe House ($150 per room).
A big part of the event is the Feast. It is a large and fabulous meal.
There will also be leftovers that will go back on the bus so you can feast again on the way home!
There is a Saloon downstairs and several open/hosted bars in the Folly/Theme rooms. You can also BYOB.
The feast is accompanied by lots of entertainment. See what's going on here.
There is a wedding chapel where there will be short term weddings..get married for an hour, the night or maybe just 5 minute. You may as well marry all of your friends and then just see where it goes! I've done it and it is a fun and interesting experience!
There is an parlor, complete with parlor ladies and gentelmen.
There an old west style Saloon with a full bar. Of coarse they have Whiskey!
There are 28 old style hotel rooms, each one with its own little bit of Folly. (Think of the rooms as theme camps...these are the space that motivated guests can use to make there own little world that the Feast will then revolve around. Think of Folly as a theme camp activity and you will understand the party a lot better.
Virginia City
The views, the wooded sidewalk, the old west Saloons, long beared cowboys, hobby gunsligers, mine tours, steam train, stagecoach, costume shops, historic style...

The Folly Feast really is a fabulous getaway that start when you get on the bus. You can also carpool or take the train or fly to Reno. We will pick you up.

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