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Folly Feast Fashion and Flirt Fling #3

A brief period of indulging one's impulses

February 21st, 2009, 7pm

The mood is turn-of-the-century. The style is extravagant. The bands are Sean Hayes, Wink & Yoni, California Honeydrops, James Caran, Carlette Sue Kay and Rube Waddell. The place is a fabulous turn of the century town near the delta less then 50 miles from San Francisco.

Come join us in this debaucherous fling of FLINGS!

This is a sexy party (not a sex party!) so come be sexy and free in polite, dressed-up company, play dress-up, gorge, gamble, flirt, philander, dance, and sing -- all to your hearts' content, all in the polite company of Sirs and Madams of equal desires, passions, and aspirations, all beautiful, all naughty, all nice, all NIGHT!

Be the God of Yourself and play in fashion and folly. We have the entire hotel (which was once a brothel) for the extravagant aristocracy of the area and the establishment has a reputation to uphold.

Dress up for the occasion! The period of the dress is less important than the sexiness and extravagance of the attire. Think tomfoolery, absurdity, sexiness and extravagance. There will be an 18th century style fashion court that will pass judgment on you so be prepared. You could be sentenced for poor taste, debauchery, preposterousness, foolery, your sexy behavior or philanderous behavior.

There is also a full bar with a beer menu featuring several hundred delicious beers from around the World--pretty much all of my favorite Belgium beers are on their menu!

Your under-attire may be more important than your outerwear! There will be a costume room with many, many options, so prepare to get dressed, undressed and redressed. This party features fashion from top to bottom inside and out--sexy, seductive, sultry and silly all play a role in the role you play.

Get ready for a full 24 hours of fun, for the party will go from sundown to sundown. We will feast, dance and flirt in fashion and folly at this fling of flings, not to be missed! We will have the entire hotel for our pleasure while we philander throughout the night into the wee hours of the morning, and beyond.

The event is less than 50 miles east of San Francisco. Directions and times will be sent before the event to the people who make reservations. We are also renting several rooms for the following night to encourage people to recover there the next day before going home.

Finally, we are renting several rooms for the following night so that people will not have to rush home!

You don't want to miss this party. It will be fabulous and both the guest list and budget will be very tight since there is only room for about 120 people. Please make your reservations early and pay well in advance, no one who is not on the list will be able to attend.

Here is the tentative rundown:

Feast starts 7:00pm--do not be late or you will miss dinner
Madam Butt Fly fortune telling
California Honeydrops
Rube Waddell
Party moves to the Hotel 1am
Sean Hayes
Wink & Yoni
OTP & Noona Movie Marathon
James Caran
Carlotta Sue Kay
18 Theme Rooms

There will be no bus this year, so please carpool.

FFFFF #3 (no dinner option)
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Here are my Tribe, Facebook and MySpace profiles. Add me as a friend and mention the party in your invite so I will know who you are. I am sure we have run into eachother in the past anyway if you are reading this...and if not, we probably should have. Check out pauldejong.com if you are not sure.

You can also find me at one of my many karaoke nights in San Francisco. Let's sing a song together!

If you have photos of past events, please email me a link to them to share. Also send me your email address if you want to be on the list for next years event.

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