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***last years party: Sunset Saturday, February 10th through Sunset Sunday February 11th, 2007***
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The First February Folly Feast Fashion and Flirt Fling

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The mood is turn-of-the-century. The style is extravagant. The band is Rube Waddell. The place is the Warehouse and Burling Hotel in Port Costa.

Come join us in this debaucherous fling of FLINGS!

This is a sexy party (not a sex party!) so come be sexy and free in polite, dressed-up company, play dress-up, gorge, gamble, flirt, philander, dance, and sing -- all to your hearts' content, all in the polite company of Sirs and Madams of equal desires, passions, and aspirations, all beautiful, all naughty, all nice, all NIGHT!

Be the God of Yourself and play in fashion and folly. We have the entire hotel (which was once a brothel) for the extravagant aristocracy of the area and the establishment has a reputation to uphold.

Dress up for the occasion! The period of the dress is less important than the sexiness and extravagance of the attire. Think tomfoolery, absurdity, sexiness and extravagance. There will be an 18th century style fashion court that will pass judgment on you so be prepared. You could be sentenced for poor taste, debauchery, preposterousness, foolery, your sexy behavior or philanthropic behavior. They may sentence you to the costume room, to display your behavior or you may be married by the judge to legitimize your philanthropic behavior. They may even require your mug shot if you are stylish enough.

Feast on steak and crab with various vegetarian options. It is an elaborate feast and there will be more delicious food than you can eat.

The menu consists of several varieties of steak, all very high quality cuts, and very large portions of giant crab legs, delicious sourdough bread, a full salad bar, clam chowder, and there will be some as of yet undisclosed vegetarian options (so non-meat-eaters will also not be disappointed). The menu will be made available before the event so that people can let us know their preferences in advance.

There is also a full bar at the Warehouse with a beer menu featuring several hundred delicious beers from around the World--pretty much all of my favorite Belgium beers are on their menu!

      1. Manner or mode; way: Set the table in this fashion.
      1. A personal, often idiosyncratic manner: played the violin in his own curious fashion.

Your under-attire may be more important than your outerwear! There will be a costume room with many, many options, so prepare to get dressed, undressed and redressed. This party features fashion from top to bottom inside and out--sexy, seductive, sultry and silly all play a role in the role you play.

Get ready for a full 24 hours of fun, for the party will go from sundown to sundown. We will feast, dance and flirt in fashion and folly at this fling of flings, not to be missed! We will have the entire hotel for our pleasure while we philander throughout the night into the wee hours of the morning, and beyond.

Don't want to drive? No problem! Let us know and we'll make sure there is a space for you on the Applause Bus. The departure will be sometime in the early evening from San Francisco, but details will be given only to those who request it the week before the event.

Port Costa is about 35 miles east of San Francisco near the C&H factory off of Hwy 80. We will have a bus going to the event or you are welcome to drive yourself. Directions and times will be sent before the event to the people who make reservations. We are also renting several rooms for the following night to encourage people to recover there the next day before going home.

The cost will be $40 with dinner and $25 without. I need to let them know how many dinners in advance and pay in advance, so I need people to make reservations and pay me in advance. Dinner alone is usually $25.

Finally, we are renting several rooms for the following night so that people will not have to get up early and rush home to go back to bed!

You don't want to miss this party. It will be fabulous and both the guest list and budget will be very tight since there is only room for about 120 people. Please make your reservations early and pay well in advance, no one who is not on the list will be able to attend.

See you there!

The Duke Dutchy (aka. Paul de Jong)

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Feast Folly and Fling
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Folly and Fling only
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Contributing to a room
(Get a couple of friends together for a dedicated room for your party action (maybe even plan something special). It's preferred that you continue to leave the room open all night, but you're guaranteed a place to sleep! This option is in addition to your party admission price.)
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Contribute another amount
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Rooms and tickets are available if you would like to contribute your own form of debauchery to the fling...

Unfortunately the invites have gone out to some unintended lists and I have had to reverse several charges. Please contact me ASAP to be given the details on how you can purchase tickets for this event or if you have any questions.

Paying for the event using these buttons does not guarantee that you are in the event. To make sure you are in this event you must also be on the Evite. If you are not already on the Evite call or email the Duke Dutchy to see if you can be added. If you are not on the Evite I will have to reverse your PayPal Charges. I apologize for this, but space at this event is very limited.

The above is doubly true for rooms. Even if you are on the Evite call me before booking a room.

Thanks for your understanding,

The Duke Dutchy...aka Paul 415-651-4079 / dutchy a t dukedutchy point c o m

***Sunset Saturday, February 10th through Sunset Sunday February 11th, 2007***